My Food Rules

Discovering the path the health by creating my own rules

The Rules

Before ever creating My Food Rules, I started a list of healthy meals and snacks that I would actually look forward to eating.  I enjoy cooking, but my busy lifestyle doesn’t always allow for elaborate meals, so I was sure to include meals that were quick and would be easy to throw together at 9:00 pm on a Wednesday.  I also included a few take-out meals at cafes near my office so that even if I forgot my lunch or didn’t have time to make it to the grocery store there would be no excuses for not following my rules.

So, without further ado, here are My Food Rules:

1) I will only eat meals and snacks from My List.

2) There is no limit to the quantity of foods I can eat from My List, however, I will focus on hunger and satisfaction when deciding when and how much to eat.

3) I will choose one meal per week for indulgence.

4) If I have additional events during the week where I can’t eat directly from My List, I will make a healthy choice considering both quantity and quality of food.

5) I will weigh myself once a week on Tuesday mornings.

Pretty simple, right?


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